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RVA Asphalt Sealcoating are a local Richmond-based sealcoating team with over a decade of experience in performing high quality sealcoating jobs. We take great pride and care with every project we take on, and look forward to helping maintain your road. Whether you have a private rural road, or if your HOA subdivision needs road maintenance and seal coating, we are fully equipped to handle it all.

Why Is Sealcoating Important?

Seal coating low-traffic asphalt roads helps extend their life. High-traffic roads often do not need sealing because the heavy traffic regularly massages the oils from lower layers back into the top layers and helps prevent the asphalt from drying out. Lower traffic roads can dry out without this, though, and so asphalt sealer helps lock in those beneficial oils and prevent drying from ultraviolet rays. Sealant also prevents damage from oil spills and other leaks.

Prioritizing Every Job

Our experienced team takes great care at every job site and stays in communication with our client. Before beginning a sealcoating job, we first check if any asphalt repairs are needed. We fix potholes, fill cracks, and take care of any other damage we find.

After sealcoating, we also offer line striping. Bright, clear lines help ensure traffic knows where to drive, and sets off special areas like bike lanes, and parking spaces.

We leave every job site clean and tidy, and ribbon off access so no one accidentally drives on the road until it is dry. We prioritize a great experience and fantastic customer service.

Serving All of Richmond, VA and Beyond

We have been working with homes and businesses in the Richmond, VA area for over a decade. Our services include:

We use only quality materials that meet the highest standards. Our crew brings dedication and expertise to every job and looks forward to working with homeowners, municipal clients, and HOA communities throughout the Richmond area on their next sealcoating project!

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Why Choose Us?

– Asphalt pavement is in good hands with our experienced crew. We have been sealing in the Richmond, VA area for over 10 years and take pride in our work.

– We use high-quality coal tar seal coat and rubberized crack filler that passes the highest of standards – meeting or exceeding ASTM requirements and durable enough to meet FAA standards for runways.

– Whatever asphalt surface you need seal coated, we’ve got you covered! Our team is equipped to provide asphalt sealing for both large and small projects – from parking lots, to roads, to driveways.

Benefits of Road Sealing

Protection from UV Rays

Shields asphalt against the drying action of the sun and ultraviolet rays.

Water Infiltration

Protects against the number one pavement-destroying force: water.

Chemical Spills

Resists damage caused by gasoline, oil, winter salt and spills.

Protective Barrier

Seal coat bonds firmly to the surface to provide an even-textured, durable barrier.

Great First Impression

Asphalt sealing restores that rich, black look of new pavement to existing asphalt.


 Filling surface cracks with a durable flexible material like we use will prevent future costly repairs.


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Over a decade of local experience seal coating parking lots and driveways with excellence; trust us with your next road sealcoating project