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RVA Asphalt Sealcoating has over 10 years of experience seal coating asphalt pavement throughout Richmond VA and the surrounding areas. Our knowledgable and courteous crew is equipped for both large and small jobs. We serve homeowners and businesses in Richmond VA and the surrounding areas like North Chesterfield, Glen Allen, and Mechanicsville, VA.

How We Help!

Our contractors perform the essential maintenance of crack filling and seal coating to prevent future expensive repairs. By sealing cracks and laying down a protective barrier, your asphalt is free to be the durable sturdy surface it was made to be, without water infiltration wearing away at the base, or becoming prematurely dry and brittle from UV rays.

Where the truck is sitting is a resurface portion of the driveway and the other is coal tar emulsion based sealer, applied by brushing it on.

Quality Materials and Process

We use high-quality coal tar emulsion based sealer the most. In the fall, as temperatures drop, we switch to a high-quality oil based sealer. They provide up to 50% greater wear than non-fortified sealers, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. It also meets and exceeds rigorous FAA requirements for airport pavements and meets Government and ASTM Specifications.

We offer both brushing and rolling, depending on the client’s preference and the project needs. Brushing it on is recommended but it uses more time and more product as a thicker layer is laid down, so it costs more.


Why Choose Us?

Our crew is considerate, professional, and polite. We always knock on your door before and after a job – we make sure you know we are ready to begin and that we have finished the job.

We start by cleaning your asphalt and trimming around objects like stone borders and walkways. Also, we fill cracks with crack filler that is fortified with acrylic rubber for a strong bond with maximum flexibility. Then we start on the sealcoating and do an excellent job.

After the sealing is complete, every job site is left in impeccable shape as our contractors clean up all of their equipment and tools. Finally, we ribbon off access to make sure that your sealcoat has time to dry without anyone accidentally driving on it. You’ll be able to enjoy your newly protected surface for years, as our high-quality sealer provides peace of mind.

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