Facts About Our Sealing

Information and our process:

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Facts About our Sealing:

1. Crack filler is not guaranteed, cracks are often caused by voids underneath the asphalt and may stretch far from the start of the crack. Due to this and other factors cracks may reopen and therefore we cannot guarantee the service.

If you choose to have cracks filled:

– Vegetation will be removed from the crack prior to filling and we ask that customers  spray the cracks with weed killer for 3 days prior to filling

– All individual cracks 1/4″ or larger will be filled with conventional or hot filler. This does not include surface cracks or areas that resemble shattered glass.

– Crack fill does not make cracks disappear, nor will they be flush with the asphalt. The cracks will appear darker than normal sealer and will look like a dark black rubbery snake like image on the paved surface.

2. New asphalt requires a minimum of 6 months to properly cure before it can be sealed with emulsion based sealer.

3. Asphalt sealer is brushed on. This allows us to spread a thicker coat of sealers than a spray-tip application.

4. Rain only affects the application of asphalt sealer if it has not had time to tac dry completely. Sealer also requires drying time prior to rain exposure, therefore we are careful to not work if rain is expected and will contact you if it may affect your sealing service.

5. There may be sealer on grass after we finish sealing your driveway. Our people are instructed to step off into the grass when finished, this prevents footprints on the sidewalk and other surfaces. Sealer in the grass typically is normally gone after it is mowed 1 or 2 times.

6. We offer oil based sealer in the fall months as temperatures are still cooler than in spring or summer.



Instructions for Customers

Prior to our arrival we ask customers to trim back or move any type of flowers, vines, grass, basketball hoops etc. from the asphalt. We don’t want to be responsible for any damage to property or to inadvertantly kill or trim any plants.

If this is not done we will do our best to clean and seal around those obstacles.

Step 1: Surface Prep

We will use brooms, shovels and blowers to clean asphalt surfaces.

Step 2: Crack Filling (Additional Cost)

For an additional fee we will seal any large cracks in the paved surface. This service is not guaranteed due to the possibility of cracks reopening due to uncontrolled factors as outlined in the “facts” section.

Step 3: Sealing

We start by trimming around obstacles with small brushes. After this we move on to using larger brushes to apply the remainder.

Final Step

Your driveway will be roped off to prevent people from accidentally walking over the sealer while it cures.

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